How I create my
Original Embellished Collagraphs

Images for my collagraph prints are built up by my creating collages of texture from a magical mixture of objects ranging from old lace to vintage wallpaper, mohair wool to fine silk, sometimes even including chocolate wrappings! I seal them on cardboard 'boards' using shellac, hand ink and print them on a traditional etching press using specialist etching paper.

Each print within the very Limited Edition of 10 is individually embellished by hand and will have had many days spent adding layers and textures to it before I am happy to seal it and print from it.

The process of printing a collagraph is very similar to printing an etching, identical inks, papers and an etching press is used.To print each collagraph etching ink is rubbed onto to the sealed board (using fingers) and then polished off using various techniques.

Once inked and polished, it's ready to be put through the etching press (which looks like a giant mangle), the inked board is placed face up on the bed of the press, specialist etching paper is soaked in water to soften it and as they both pass through the press great pressure is applied and the image (including all the texture and lines) is transferred to the paper. The collagraph is then gently wrapped in tissue and blotting paper and placed under heavy boards to settle and dry for five days.

Finally it's ready for me to embellish it by hand using various combinations of gilding, collage and paint. The influence of each medium and process plays an important part in determining the character of the final piece. As both a Fine Artist and a Printmaker I blur the boundaries between painting and printmaking, mixing media within each image. The influence of each medium plays an important part in determining the character of the final piece. Enjoying the process of creation and allowing myself the freedom to experiment keeps my work fresh and exciting.

At last it's the Embellished Collagraph you are familiar with!

My landscapes and skies capture the enchanting beauty of the South Downs and the Sussex Coast; layers of collage and splashes of paint convey the feeling, the mood, the timeless essence of each place.

All my life I've lived by the sea around the world: on the Gold Coast of West Africa, beside the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas and on the New England Coast in the US, before raising my family near Brighton's famous pebble beach. Naturally I’m drawn to paint beautiful atmospheric seascapes, dramatic skies and gorgeous golden beaches.

My collagraphs have been featured in Sussex Life, Arty Magazine and Brighton and Hove Life.