How I create my
Original Embellished Etchings

Each hand printed etching within an edition has been created entirely by me.

I begin by preparing a metal plate (usually steel or zinc). I treat the surface of the plate with acid resist, draw and mark-make on the surface and submerge the plate in acid for various lengths of time, gradually building up layers of texture and lines.

Each etching will have undergone many days of having the image and textures bitten into it by the acid before I am happy to print from it. To print each etching special etching ink is rubbed onto to plate (using fingers) and then polished off using various techniques.

Finally it is ready to be put through the etching press (which looks like a giant mangle), the plate is placed face up on the bed of the press, specialist etching paper is soaked in water to soften it and as they both pass through the press great pressure is applied and the image (including all the texture and lines) is transferred to the paper. The etching is then gently wrapped in tissue and blotting paper and placed under heavy boards to settle and dry for five days.

Now it's ready for me to embellish it by hand using various combinations of gilding, collage and paint. The influence of each medium and process plays an important part in determining the character of the final piece.

At last it is the Embellished Etching you are familiar with!

Enjoying the process of creation and allowing myself the freedom to experiment keeps my work fresh and exciting.

My etchings have been featured in Sussex Life, Arty Magazine and Brighton and Hove Life.