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Q. What is a giclee print?
A- Since the invention of the computer, it has developed to become not only a wonderful design tool but also to provide a means of high quality printing (with investment in specialist equipment). The term 'giclee' is derived from the French work gicler which literally means to sqirt ink.
My expertise in modern giclee printing techniques is widely recognised. I control every step in the production of my archival Giclee prints, from creating the art right through scanning, configuring and adjusting images in Photoshop through to printing the final image using lightfast archival pigmented inks on archival paper using a special Fine Art Printer.
I am the Contributing Author on the 'Process of Giclee Printing' in the recently published book 'Printmaking - Traditional and Contemporary Techniques' by Ann d'Arcy Hughes and Hebe Vernon Morris
ISBN 978-2-940361-53-3

Q. What is a Digital Original ?
A- A Digital Original is an image that exists only in digital format. I created my popular Digital Original series of seascapes using a combination of the very latest digital art technology and traditional painting and printmaking techniques. I scan segments and textures from my etchings, paintings and collagraphs into digital format. I then use them as a ‘starting point’ for the new Digital Original image, working on the image, painting into it digitally (using a special electronic drawing brush), combining other digital collage images and techniques to create a new and unique limited edition of Digital Art.

Q. How do I purchase prints from this website?
A- see About using this Website

Q. How much will I pay for postage & packing and how will my order be sent to me?
A- When the online shopping facility of this website is finished, postage and packing will be automatically added to your purchase total when you go to the checkout page. It will be shown as a separate item on the page and is based on the value of your order.

full postage rates info

Q. When will you send my order?
A- I aim to send out confirmed & paid print orders within 3 working days, unless I am away at an Art Fair or on holiday. I will post this information on my website and ensure that it is up to date.

Q. I want my order urgently in time for a special occassion, how can we arrange that?
The best way to do this is to phone me so we can discuss your needs. I will be able to advise you about express delivery, etc (although this may incur higher postage costs - if this is the case I will, of course, inform you of the exact cost before we go ahead with your payment on the telephone using PayPal's secure Virtual Terminal).
In any event all despatches will be confirmed by my sending you an email (or telephoning you if that's what you've requested).

Q. Will my credit card details be secure?
A- Rest assured that I will NOT store any of your credit card details. All payments whether online or by phone are made using PayPals secure payment sytems. The only details I need are the official details of your payment as listed in my PayPal account which, of course, comply with all UK financial details Privacy Policy Laws.

Q. Do I need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase?
A- No, now that I have upgraded my business PayPal account, you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase.
All you need is a valid credit or debit card.

Q. Can I pay by cheque?
A- Yes, I am happy for you to pay by cheque but bear in mind that this will mean your order takes longer to arrive as I will have to wait until your cheque clears before I despatch or artwork. Please phone or email Troy to arrange payment by cheque.

Q. Any other questions?
contact Troy
(please note: as I'm a Self-Employed Artist I may not be able to answer the phone immediately,
please leave a message on my studio phone, I'll ring you back as soon as I can)