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Filigree Jewellery
handmade by Brighton Artist Troy Ohlson

Available exclusively from her Studio & at Art Fairs & Special Events

My jewellery is elegant, timeless and ageless. I draw on my experience as an artist to create unique yet classic designs which appeal to all ages.

A happy buyer recently said
"I feel that I'm wearing art! "
...she took five pairs back to London with her

Perfect as a present ... Lovely to wear yourself

As an artist I've always enjoyed experimenting with pattern, colour & texture. My jewellery designing has naturally evolved from this and I enjoy creating it.

I've built up an extensive collection of quirky, vintage and retro glass, metal, ceramic and stone beads and buttons (many years ago my Granny started me off by giving me her button collection).

I also work with a wide range of semi precious stones and crystals to create my more expensive pieces.

I'm always on the lookout for wonderful beads and buttons to add to my collection, so I have interesting jewels to work with and inspire my designs.

I begin by setting out three design boards and my sketch book in front of me, as I delve into my Treasure Box of beads and buttons I move beads from one board to another and sketch as ideas develop.

I experiment with different combinations, designs and techniques until I've created that special necklace or pair of earrings.

click here to contact Troy to arrange a viewing at her studio or your home